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In this course, we will discuss networking concepts and connections, file transfer, name resolution, time coordination, web, remote connections, and email servers. We will also focus on networking administration topics like network security, package management and virtualization.

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In this course, we will discuss networking concepts and connections, file transfer, name resolution, time coordination, web, remote connections, and email servers. We will also focus on networking administration topics like network security, package management, and virtualization.

Course Learning Objectives.
By the end of this course, you should be able …


Modul 1
Modul 2
The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model
LAN, WAN, and VLAN Networks
Bridged Network
Domain Name System (DNS)
System Services
Lab 2.1. Verify vsftp and ftp Installation
Lab 2.2. Start a System Service Manually
Lab 2.3. Start a System Service with the SysVinit Script
Lab 2.4. Start a System Service with systemd
Lab 2.5. Enable a System Service Using the systemctl Command
Lab 2.6. Create and Customize a systemd Service
Modul 3
Layer 2: Configuration
Layer 2: Advanced Configuration
Layer 3: Configuration
Boot Time Network Configuration
Network Manager
OpenSUSE, CentOS and Ubuntu Configurations
netplan Administrator Interface
netplan Startup Events
What Is a VPN?
OpenVPN Software
Lab 3.1. Explore and Record the Existing Network Configuration
Lab 3.2. Create a boot-time Configuration of Your Network Interface
Lab 3.3. Restore the Network Configuration
Modul 4
Networking Troubleshooting
Client Troubleshooting
Server Troubleshooting
Network Monitoring
Lab 4.1. Prove a Service Is Listening Only on localhost
Lab 4.2. Block Traffic to a Service with TCP Wrappers and Prove It Is Blocked
Modul 5
Remote Shell (rsh)
Secure Shell
SSH Session Overview
OpenSSH Server
Per-User OpenSSH Configuration
OpenSSH Key-Based Authentication
OpenSSH Tunnel
Parallel SSH Command
Virtual Network Computing (VNC) Server
VNC Client
X Window System
Lab 5.1. Set Up SSH Key-Based Authentication
Lab 5.2. Make OpenSSH Client Configuration Changes
Lab 5.3. Secure Your OpenSSH Daemon
Lab 5.4. Launch a Remote X11 Application Locally
Lab 5.5. Parallel ssh Command Execution
Lab 5.6. Start and Test a VNC Server
Lab 5.7. VNC Server Autostart
Modul 6
Before DNS
DNS Recap
Recursive DNS Query Recap
Query/Record Types
Forward and Reverse DNS Queries
DNS Server Daemons
BIND (named) Server
BIND Configuration File
BIND Configuration Options
BIND as a Caching Nameserver
BIND Zone Configuration
Zone Files
SOA Records
Split Horizon or DNS View
DNS Views
View Configuration Considerations
Lab 6.1: Configure Caching DNS
Lab 6.2: Create a Forward Zone for the Domain
Lab 6.3: Create a Reverse DNS Zone
Modul 7
Main Configuration File
Configuration File Includes
Other Important Files
Log Configuration
Other Configuration Options
IP/Port Virtual Hosts
Name-Based Virtual Hosts
Name Vhosts and SSL
File Permissions
Safe CGI Scripting
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Install SSL Keys
Web Server Architecture
Lab 7.1: Install Apache and Test
Lab 7.2: Create a Name-Based Virtual Host
Lab 7.3: Create a Password-Protected Subdirectory
Modul 8
Rewriting URLs
Rewrite Map
Rewriting Examples
AliasMatch Considerations
Multi-Processing Modules (MPMs)
Configuring Prefork
Configuring Worker
Load Testing
Caching and Proxies
Speciality HTTP Servers
Web Server Balancer
Web Server Balancer Configuration
Lab 8.1. Create a New cgi Script-Enabled Directory
Lab 8.2: Create a rewrite rule for “pretty” CGI script URIs
Lab 8.3. Enable mod_status
Lab 8.4. Enable 'includes' under the URI '/magic/index.html'
Modul 9
Email Overview
SMTP, POP3 and IMAP Protocols
Email Life Cycle
MTA, MDA, MUA and IMAP/POP Implementations
Postfix Configuration
Common Postfix Configuration
Security Considerations
Postfix Authentication
Postfix SASL
Postfix Security
Monitoring Postfix
Reducing SPAM
Email Aliases and Forwarding
Advanced Email Software
Lab 9.1. Enable the Postfix SMTP Server for External Access
Lab 9.2. Enable Dovecot as IMAP Server
Lab 9.3. Enforce TLS/SSL for IMAP in Dovecot
Modul 10
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
scp and sftp
rsync over SSH
Lab 10.1. Use SCP to Copy a Folder from One Location to Another
Lab 10.2. Use Rsync to Transfer Files
Modul 11
Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)
VLAN: Packet Attributes
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server
DHCP Configuration
Network Time Protocol
NTP Applications
Configuring ntpd Client and ntpd Server
Lab 11.1. Create a VLAN Interface
Lab 11.2. Create a New Static Route
Lab 11.3. Configure and Enable a Stratum 3 NTP Server, and Connect It to the NTP Protocol as a Client
Modul 14
Security Concepts
Security Principles
Service Practices
Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
Application Security
Security Awareness
Network Inspection
Application Access Control
Modul 15
TCP Wrappers
Netfilter Vocabulary
Filter, NAT and Mangle Tables
iptables Command
Match Criteria
Configuration Utilities
Distribution Defaults
Managing iptables
Forced Transparent Proxy
Network Address Translation
netfilter Hooks
nftables Configuration Structure
nft Administration Interfaces
nft File Locations
Lab 15.1. Exploring iptables Firewalls
Lab 15.2. Enable a Firewall Which Blocks All Unwanted Traffic
Modul 17
What Is a Database?
Database Management Systems (DBMS)
Structured Query Language (SQL)
Putting It All Together
Lab 17.1 Setup MySQL
Modul 18
rsyslog Modules
Remote Logging: Client and Server
Lab 18.1 Reviewing Syslog File
Lab 18.2 Reviewing System Journal Entries

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