Quiz 1


Before you begin, run the nusactl login command to login your account. Credentials for login is same with your registered credentials in this platform (ADINUSA).

student@ceph1:~$ nusactl login

After login, run the lab start cpadm-quiz-1 command. This command runs the start script and pre-configures your lab environment.

student@ceph1:~$ nusactl start cpadm-quiz-1


Note: Execute on pod-<username>-ceph1 node

A manager told staff he wants to install nginx and configure nginx so that the nginx root document uses the ceph block device. here are the notes from the manager:

1. Create a pool with the name pool-quiz1

2. Create a block device with the name block0 and the size is 5GB

3. Mounting the block device to the /mnt/nginx directory

4. Install nginx and configure document root to /mnt/nginx

5. Create index.html content in the /mnt/nginx directory with the contents of "quiz 1 cephadm username"

Note :
- You can refer from lab 2.3 - Replace the username word with your adinusa username