Challenge 4: OSD is UP!


Before you begin, run the nusactl login command to login your account. Credentials for login is same with your registered credentials in this platform (ADINUSA).

student@ceph1:~$ nusactl login

After login, run the nusactl start cpadm-chall-4 command. This command runs the start script and pre-configures your challenge environment.

student@ceph1:~$ nusactl start cpadm-chall-4

NOTE: Be sure to run nusactl start so you can assess your work.


After the evaluation that shown have some OSDs are Down. His team leader give task to Peter to bringing up again and recreate the OSDs if necessary. and also make sure all OSDs nothing down. finally Team leader want to see list of OSDs are UP and recheck the Task.

  • list all OSDs are Up and
  • save it to /home/student/challenge04/ with osd-up.txt name

note: - typo may make grading failure