Challenge 3: OSD is Down


Before you begin, run the nusactl login command to login your account. Credentials for login is same with your registered credentials in this platform (ADINUSA).

student@ceph1:~$ nusactl login

After login, run the nusactl start cpadm-chall-3 command. This command runs the start script and pre-configures your challenge environment.

student@ceph1:~$ nusactl start cpadm-chall-3

NOTE: Be sure to run nusactl start so you can assess your work.


Peter is a Cloud Engineer at a freight forwarding company. for evaluation the team leader asks you to make a report for the OSD list that is DOWN on the server, and save it in the /home/student/challenge03/osd-down.txt directory. help peter to complete the task.

  • list all OSDs are down and
  • save it to /home/student/challenge03/ with osd-down.txt name

note: - typo may make grading failure

WARNING: this lab has problems related to the next lab, trying to skip this lab might cause quite complex problems