Challenge 2: Mons Down!


Before you begin, run the nusactl login command to login your account. Credentials for login is same with your registered credentials in this platform (ADINUSA).

student@ceph1:~$ nusactl login

After login, run the nusactl start cpadm-chall-2 command. This command runs the start script and pre-configures your challenge environment.

student@ceph1:~$ nusactl start cpadm-chall-2

NOTE: Be sure to run nusactl start so you can assess your work.


You are Cloud Engineer on End User Company, while monitored the ceph system. You seen an Ceph MON is Down. As Cloud Engineer you should Bringing UP again the Ceph MON. After ensure Ceph MON is UP, please report with grading script below.

  • Bring Ceph MON UP
  • Make sure ceph cluster are healthy and sequentially

WARNING: this lab has problems related to the next lab, trying to skip this lab might cause quite complex problems